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ForeSight Introduction

Welcome to the ForeSight Business Services website and our News & Articles blog!

I am James Kemp, the Founder of ForeSight Business Services, a Managed IT Service & Cyber Security company.

When I started ForeSight Business Services, my ambition was to create an IT Services company that delivered the right solution to every business/organisation to which we provide services. This is where my tagline came from Do It Once, Do It Right!!!

I started my journey in information technology in the mid-1990s. I have been fortunate to work in all areas of information technology, from cyber security, network, desktop and server support to database and application development.

I have worked in Multi-National Corporations, Small and Medium Businesses and Education. This has enabled me to gain experience in how Information Technology is used in multiple industries such as Technology, Telecoms, Insurance, Risk and Safety Assessment, Pharmaceutical, Property Management, Retail, Banking and Aviation.

My industry experience & technical knowledge enables me to look at technology from a business result perspective. I have found that most of the time, what people consider to be “the problem” is not actually “the problem”, but rather a symptom of “the problem”.

For example, when you have a headache, the headache is a symptom of a lack of sleep or stress rather than being the actual problem. It is the result of the problem.

So, at ForeSight Business Services, I have implemented processes and procedures that get to the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. This enables our clients to achieve the results that their technology should achieve and deliver predictable results. Do you get predictable results from your technology?

I believe this to be even more relevant now in the current situation with the Cyber Security epidemic, the Covid pandemic and the work from home / anywhere revolution.

This News / Articles blog section of the ForeSight Business Services website will cover information technology from a business perspective covering areas such as Cyber Security, Performance, Functionality and Risk.

Our ForeSight Owl and I will post the News and Articles.Raymond the ForeSight Owl

I am also hoping to have guest authors to cover relevant business and technology-related information from time to time.

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