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Next Generation Advanced Security Solution for Today’s Cyber Threats

Focusing on real-time threat detection, investigation and incident response strategies we help businesses of all sizes to overcome the top IT and cybersecurity challenges.

Combat Advanced Persistent Threats

Today’s Security Threats need more than Yesterdays Security!

  • Expanding attack surface – systems, cloud, remote workforce

  • Lack of resources — time, technology, and budget

  • Talent shortage – skilled and experienced talent

  • Rapid increase, evolution, and sophistication of cybercriminals

  • Regulatory standards and requirements growing and changing.

  • Massive and overwhelming amount of data to monitor and analyze.

  • Budget constraints – to cover the cost of necessary layers of security.

Current Threats require Defense in Depth with a Layered Security approach.

Many Tools and Controls

Protecting your business-critical operations and its valuable information assetsmakes it is essential to adopt a comprehensive layered-security defense. 

Managing all these different tools and controls can be challenging for companies with dedicated resources and virtually impossible to small and medium sized companies who cannot afford a dedicated security team. 

ForeSight Business Services has the solution, Our Managed Security Operations Center or SOC-as-a-Service solution can solve this problem for your business. We can provide essential security capabilities like real-time threat and intrusion detection, rapid incident response and investigations, and continuous 24/7 monitoring and vulnerability management. 

  • Security tools and controls (internal and external)

  • Endpoint devices

  • Firewalls, routers and switches

  • Antivirus or antimalware

  • Proxy information

  • Identity and access management

  • Email: Microsoft 365

  • Web and DNS filtering

  • Dark web exposures

24 X 7 detection and response

Across 3 main attack pillars


  • Windows & MAC OS

  • Event logs, advanced breach detection/isolations & threat hunting

IT Network Infrastructure

  • Edge Devices, Systems and Firewalls

  • DNS, WHOIS, Threat reputation investigations and monitoring

Cloud Applications

  • Microsoft 365 & AzureAD

  • Event log analysis and monitoring of Active Directory access and activities

  • Monitor & Identify Malicious logins or anomalous behaviors or changes

It'S Time For A Proactive & Preventative Security Defense

What is included in the service?

Proactive & Preventative Security Management

  • Improved Security Posture & Effectiveness of Security Tools/Strategies

24x7 x 365 SOC Cover/Support

  • UK, Germany, USA: Texas & Canada

Overcome IT Skills & Resource Gaps

  • Leverage Veteran IT & Cybersecurity Specialist and Analysts

Increased Threat Awareness & Risk Mitigation

  • Real-time trending and expanded data analytics.

Critical Documentation & Record keeping for:

  • Event Log & Activity Tracking

  • Incident / Notification Records


  • Solutions Designed for the Unique Needs of YOUR Organization

regulations require ongoing tracking, monitoring and access logs for your systems

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

The need for 24/7 continuous cyber monitoring is fundamental no matter the industry or business size.  


We are also SOC-2 compliant.  

Most regulations require ongoing tracking, monitoring and access logs for your system and demand that you document and store records of these activities to be available upon request.  

Our solution includes a 1-year data retention policy as a standard 

Let us help you build up your security defense and proactive strategies so you can win the war against growing cyber threats targeting your business.  

Schedule a Security & Digital Risk Assessment Today! 

24/7 Protection

What is a Security Operations Centre?

A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized hub or command center that augments your overall IT & data security defense posture.  

This is achieved by harnessing the collective power of technology, processes, and people to aggregate, analyze, support, and manage the multiple security measures in place to protect your business.  

Our managed security operations centre framework

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